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Call John at Newport Rib Company: (949) 631-2110

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Tailgate Special Menu: Our world Famous Baby Back Ribs, Boneless BBQed Chicken breasts, Louisiana Hot Sausages, BBQed Beans, Potato Salad, Cornbread and Honey Butter, Barbecue Sauce, Plates, Napkins, Forks, Knives, Mini Washcloths, Custom Bibs, tablecloths, serving utensils, and to-go containers for leftovers.

All food is grilled on-site. Includes servers and delivery of all items; set up of buffet with chaffing dishes, silverware, and plates; clearing of all Rib Company items; and clean up. We will arrive at your tailgate three hours early to get the game going. We will bring everything you need to make your tailgate a winner!
# GuestsPrice
40-59 Guests$25.50/person
60-99 Guests$24.50/person
100-199 Guests$22.99/person
200-499 Guests$21.50/person
500-999 Guests$19.50/person
1,000+ Guests$18.50/person

Rental service—no problem!  We'll advise and coordinate all the tables, chairs, umbrellas, linens, tents, grills, bars, etc., you need!

Additional items available:
SIDES: Grilled Artichokes w/Hollandaise: $2.50/person; BBQed Chopped Chicken Salad: $2.99/person; Green Salad: $1.99/person; Fruit Salad: $2.50/person; Garlic Mashed Potatoes: $1.99/person.

MEATS: Hot Dogs: $1.99/person, Hamburgers w/all condiments: $3.25/person, Rib Eye Steaks: $4.50/person. Veggie Burgers upon request.

DESSERTS: Giant fresh baked chocolate chip cookies: $1.99/person; Brownies: $2.99/person.
  • Assorted soft drinks and bottled waters (2 per person): $2.25/person.
  • Beer: Kegs of San Pedro Brewing Company Hand Crafted Ales for $295; includes cups, ice and taps.
        Each keg holds equivalent of 125 16oz beers. Choose from:
         Bruin Blonde Ale (similar to a Bud or Coors light)
         Harbor Hefewiezen (served with lemon slices)
         Point Fermin Ale (similar to Sierra Nevada but with less Hops)
         Angle Gate Amber Ale (similar to a light Killian Red)
         Honey Blonde Alesimilar to a light beer with a hint of honey).
  • Wine: Chardonnay and Merlot at $18 per bottle.
  • Cocktails: Choose from Margaritas, Bloody Mary's, Mai Tai's, Sour Apple/Cosmo Martini's: $4.50/person
        (one "signature cocktail" per event is suggested).
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Prices subject to change without notice.

UCLA Tailgate Party 2006UCLA Tailgate Party 2006
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